About Companía

A network which offers help for people to help themselves – from women for women

About us

The Women’s network, COMPANÍA, sponsored by the Senator for Social, Work Women, Integration, Youth and Sport, has the goal to help single, refugee women, with or without children and at the transitional move from the temporary residence into the own apartment. Not an easy way –

We would like…

  • to accompany, through new experiences, into a  new surroundings
  • to find the right way for each individual woman
  • to answer questions:  Where can I find…? How does…work…? Who can help me with…?

You need support

  • with acquiring furniture and its transportation
  • with regulatory affairs such as the Jobcenter, the office of the state, etc.
  • with medicinal and legal questions
  • with other challenges of moving into a new home
  • in the execution of daily activities

Our goal is to create a community between women looking for asylum and the women supporting this project. Both sides will meet at an equal level with their various experiences. Each helper brings her own time capacity with her  – everyone helps as much as she can and would like. COMPANÍA offers compentent exchanges for both sides.

Did this wake your curiosity? Do you need support? Would you like to help influence this project?

www.compania-bremen.de  or frauennetzwerk-bremen@web.de